It is without exaggeration or hesitation that we can honestly say how very pleased we are with their service. Symbiosis has provided excellent service well beyond our expectations and working with them has been more like a partnership than merely doing business with a vendor. Symbiosis demonstrates a strong desire for teamwork and have produced timely and consistent results. It is obvious they serve the best interest of our practice. I am inspired and motivated by their attitude, commitment and overall efficiency.

Susan M. HallSymbiosisRCM_Clients_2
Office Manager
CHAC, Quakertown, PA

Symbiosis RCM Services are Used by Top IONM Companies Nationwide

Symbiosis has helped several Intraoperative Neuromonitoring Companies reduce their claims denials and increase their revenue. Nation’s leading Intraoperative Neuromonitoring Companies use our services for a variety of needs including Billing & AR.

How do you know if Symbiosis RCM is better than the rest?

Because we back up what we say. We have established a consistent track record of increasing revenue within the first 2-3 months of our engagements.


” There is no comparison!!! Symbiosis is efficient, knowledgeable and prompt. Transition was seamless and we have saved an enormous amount of time. We have more control now than we did with internal billers and our collections have increased tremendously. Symbiosis was able to recover old AR which we thought was otherwise dead money. Symbiosis is a PLEASURE to work with!”

James M BroganSymbiosisRCM_Clients_5
Bromedicon Inc., PA

Do You Get Denials on a Consistent Basis but Don’t Know How to Appeal? Symbiosis RCM has the Expertise to Successfully Appeal All Types of Denials. Say Hello to...

Symbiosis RCM provides you with state of the art technology, outstanding customer service, financial confidence and ease of use. We ensure that every service and procedure is billed to the optimal level and every claim is prepared and submitted in a manner that makes delays and denials rare. Simply stated, Symbiosis RCM provides you with immediate acceleration of claims payments.

"Symbiosis is the best in the field and rejection rates are few to none, the least that I know in the IONM field. If my experience with Symbiosis is something to say, it is “quite remarkable” and I strongly recommend any of you who are not happy with your current service provider to try Symbiosis. Thank you Symbiosis for your diligence and outstanding service!"

Dr. Muni Subramani, M.Phil, PhDSymbiosisRCM Client_1
CEO at Brain and Spine Surgicals LLC
Las Vegas, NV

We Help Our Clients Grow Their Business. All Our Clients Have Benefited From Value Added Services We Provide At No Additional Cost

Symbiosis RCM team have always been pleasant and thorough in their approach. Their high tech, but easy to use system has improved the working environment for our employees while also making data access and analysis very simple. Symbiosis has also provided us with many practical recommendations to help streamline our operation and we are confident they will continue to play a role in the success of our practice"

Dr. Nirav PatelSymbiosisRCM_Clients_4
Horizon Medical Center
Philadelphia, PA

We Are Not The Right Choice For You If…

You are looking for the lowest cost service provider. We completely understand that you want to reduce your cost but going with the lowest cost service provider can cost you much more than you think.

Your True Cost With The Lowest Cost Provider = Lost Revenue in Uncollected & Denied Claims + Low Fee


Spend an hour with us. We promise you will come away with valuable insights on increasing your revenue. You will be thrilled to see the best practices and services that we can provide. There is no charge and no obligation. Let us show you what we are all about.

Simant Ajmera


Simant Ajmera,
Founder & CEO
Symbiosis Revenue Cycle Management, LLC.
Simant Ajmera